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hyundai motor christmas campaign stickers
2020.11 - 2020.12

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독일 에이전시 S&F와 함께 진행한 현대 자동차 크리스마스 캠페인

1. speedometer has fallen to zero, the handbrake is on. For the first time, your car is in holiday hibernation. Stay home and give your parked car a festive makeover with our GIF Stickers. Don't forget to share your driveway decoration with #HomeWithHyundai. Add a picture of your car to Stories and search #HomeWithHyundai to find our GIF-Stickers and join in the fun! #Hyundai #HappyHolidays

2. #UglySweaterParty season – the perfect time to get silly. This year, ditch the fast fashion but keep the fun tradition. It's time to embrace a more sustainable ugly holiday sweater. We’ve created a digital wardrobe of ugly sweaters to help you make the switch from fast fashion to eco-friendly. Head to Stories and search #HyundaiSweater in GIFs to create your festive look.🎄 #Hyundai #Holidays #Sustainability #HomeWithHyundai